Gayla Baer-Taylor

When I first began following politics, I was about as staunch a Democrat as you could find. I started my blog, Not Before Coffee as a refuge where I would pen my thoughts and opinions on the all those topics my grandma told me to never discuss at the dinner table – or anywhere for that matter. Things like politics, religion and life in general. There was a time I did good little liberal things like attend Hillary Clinton rallies, participated in fundraising dinners, idolized Evan Bayh and defended Barack Obama at the cost of wonderful friendships and stressed relationships with family.

In March 2016, I my phone rang – I didn't recognize the number so like most people, I let it go to voicemail. Upon retrieving that voicemail, I was shocked to hear a representative from Fox & Friends saying they had been reading my blog and wanted to know if I would be willing to join their show for a segment on Democrats voting for Donald Trump. Because I had become so passionate about the 2016 election, I phoned them right back and made arrangements to be picked up by a driver and taken to Indianapolis to a satellite studio for the interview.

Later that afternoon she sent me a list of possible questions I would be asked to which I would provide my responses for review prior to going on-air. One of those questions was “At what point did you realize you would not be voting Democrat?” That one stumped me. I honestly did not know.

When my husband got home from work, I discussed the questions with him and read over the responses I had for him to critique. Again, I got to THAT question and told him I absolutely could not remember WHEN I changed. I will never forget his response, two words, “Kate Steinle.”

Kate Steinle? I was puzzled.

He went on to explain how he sat by quietly and watched as I went through some sort of transformation. You see, he is quite conservative. That had been a real challenge for us at times so naturally when I began to change, he really noticed. He told me he had remained quiet during the transformation for fear I would become so aware that I would shake it off and return to looking through the world through those liberal filters I was so accustomed to using when viewing any political issue.

He was right! Kate Steinle!

In September 2016 I pulled most of my thoughts and discoveries together into one single post that details my transformation. I was determined to investigate every position I had defended as a liberal just to see if I had been justified in my actions and beliefs.

From July 2015 and through the election year I grew addicted to researching and sharing the truth. Not the “truth” according to media, but the real truth. I was delighted to become a go-to source for truth and facts for my family, friends and their friends.

God blessed me with a knack for Internet research for a reason so I learned to put it to good use.

This quote that was directed toward a Facebook challenger who had come at me with a fierce liberal response, makes me proud:

“You have NO idea who you are dealing with when challenging Gayla! She will absolutely bury you in FACTS, stats, and proof!” ~ Dee Wools

Following that Fox & Friends appearance, I was contacted several more times by various media outlets. You can find those in my media file.

If you are a fellow Patriot, against the D.C. Elites, anti-establishment and 100% for draining the swamp, I would love to hear from you. The best way is through my One Way USA Facebook page.

2018 and 2020 are set to be such crucial elections years. We cannot waste what God has given us – we must get behind those who support America First and expose the lies, deceptions and corruption of the rest.

I hope you'll join me in the journey and share the efforts of One Way USA with your friends and family.