An App to Save Money and Avoid Discrimination by Discriminating Against WHITE Men

When I saw this on Twitter, I thought it was a joke. Nope, it's a real thing! Perhaps it may be meant as satire, but we ALL know how serious SO many in this country take this sort of thing – don’t we?

An App to Avoid Discrimination by Discriminating Against WHITE Men

The app, called Equitable, is designed to split group restaurant bills based on gender and racial wage gaps. So if you’re a white man brunching with a black woman and a Latina, be prepared to pay a little extra.

According to the app’s website, “EquiTable helps you avoid the entrenched discrimination that exists in our society. It doesn’t split the bill equally — it splits it equitably. You pay what you should to balance out the wage gap.

The app uses Bureau of Labor Statistics data in order to calculate who should pay what at the end of dinner or brunch, ensuring that those with less privilege (anyone whose not white and male, basically) pay less to eat.

App Description:

  • Split any bill, large or small
  • Counteract the entrenched discrimination that exists in our society
  • Choose from several race options (more options coming soon!)
  • Put your gender anywhere on the spectrum
  • Hate equity? Protest the app within the app!
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter that you helped solve the wage gap

How, HOW can people NOT see that fighting to remain within your carefully defined, segregated groups as defined by the Liberal left is not helping bridge any gap! Diversity does not and will not EVER equate into equality!

As a former Democrat, I can’t believe I was so brainwashed for so long! I can NOT subscribe to the segregation tactics of the Democrats that keep so many weak, poor and hanging on to every promise of hope and change that NEVER comes.

The ONLY way we are EVER going to achieve equality is to stop fighting so hard to segregate ourselves and demand equality – because in the end, when you fight so hard for something such as bias, will you EVER really see yourself as equal? NO, because they don’t want you to!

And so many wonder WHY Donald Trump won! Well, here ya go!

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  1. This has to be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen! Only a liberal could come up with this garbage.
    So, so excited about the inauguration tomorrow. Finally, we will see real hope and change!
    Blessings, Gayla!

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