The Strategic Cultivation of Liberal Voter Base

Politicians don’t care about the welfare and wellbeing of illegal immigrants, they only care that they breathe and have a heartbeat. Here's the thing about Sanctuary Cities…

The *ENTIRE* goal is to pack districts for the census — immigrants (illegal, undocumented, too) are counted and THAT determines how many congressional seats are granted to a state.

Did you know that?

How can people NOT see liberal politics, especially the new *alt-left* don’t care one iota about people so long as they are

  1. Naive enough to believe empty promises
  2. Can vote or
  3. Can be counted in a census.

That COULD (and SHOULD) end thanks to a Constitutional Amendment, currently known as House Joint Resolution 30 (HJR#30) proposed by Representative Steve King (R-IA4).

Keep watch on this one!

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