Rep. Eric Swalwell–Another Do-Nothing Politician

Have you noticed how so many politicians are very vocal about certain issues acting as if they are trying to do something about them or making promises that, if elected, they will do something?

I’ve always said guns and abortion are two of those issues that are safest and most beneficial Right Where They Are! Without them, both sides lose major platforms that are used election cycle after election cycle. Those aren’t going anywhere. They may be tweaked a bit, but nothing of major significance will be done.

Here is a PRIME example:

This California Democrat guy, Rep. Eric Swalwell, was whining all over the place making it sound like the GOP is shooting down HIS Protect Democracy Bill to protect themselves. Upon reading said Bill, I discover it outlines the very things Mueller and his team are covering BUT it would employee officials who’d basically do nothing and get paid $3 Million to do it! The GOP shot it down because it’s ridiculous- not because they’re trying to hide anything. I called him out on it… see

If you’re into this kind of thing as much as I am, you can read the Bill here:

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