Right or wrong, NFL rallies around protesting players

Yesterday was not a typical Sunday around our house. Normally, football is on from lunchtime to bedtime. Instead of sinking into our comfy chairs and watching football, we tuned into the start of a game long enough to see who would “Stand Up” and who would “Take a Knee” and depending on how disturbed we were by the protest, we would watch a portion of the game hoping to see protesters get their asses kicked.

Ben Shapiro said it best:

“If you think you're going to win hearts and minds by kneeling for the anthem because it hurts Trump, you're out of your damn mind.”

What started out as an alleged effort by Colin Kaepernick to protest the “oppression of Black people and people of color” has turned into a 3-ring circus of brainwashed clowns coerced into carrying on the divisive, biased, racist agenda that was strategically implemented over the last eight years by the Obama administration and the Washington elites.

Make NO mistake, the crooked “public servants” we elected into office who have managed to amass bank accounts of millionaires KNOW that they can NOT continue to profit off a United States that is truly united.

All you must do is look at the money that is tucked into their pockets by lobbyists and then industries they serve to see where the cash cows graze. I encourage everyone to spend some quality time on the website OpenSecrets where you can research the real reason many career politicians are in politics. Compare those profits to their voting habits on VoteSmart and the picture will become crystal clear.

Taking a knee may be a constitutional right that has been gifted and protected for every player, entertainer and fan who chooses to participate in controversial protests, but just because one HAS a constitutional right does not DISMISS the fact that there will be consequences. At some point, I would like to think that a conscience and sense of loyalty to the very soldiers who defend our freedoms would encourage us to value those freedoms and use them wisely.

For every action, there is a consequence – good or bad.

In the end, a sport that penalizes players and staff for “taunting in the end zone” but allows and supports players who taunt America, and who in my opinion, spit in the faces of the soldiers who defend their right to act like spoiled children and idiots does not deserve my support whether it’s through my watching the game or buying their gear.

NFL players are star athletes – they have an entire country that can serve as their stage to encourage change in whatever they oppose. They have the means to be someone children can look up to but NO, they would much rather take a knee for 3 minutes each week than to do the hard work of actually BEING the CHANGE they want to see in their world!

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